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Sharps Disposal South Carolina

HealthCare Services:
- South Carolina
- Sharps Waste Disposal
- Biohazard Waste
- Medical Waste
- Infectious Waste
- Hazardous Waste
- Pharmaceutical Waste
- Needle Waste Disposal

Waste Customers:
- South Carolina
- Funeral Home Disposal
- Tattoo Waste Disposal
- Dentist Waste Disposal
- Doctor Sharps Disposal
- Healthcare Waste

For almost two decades, Secure Waste has been the the go to company for all healthcare waste management solutions. Serving the needs of South Carolinas biohazard, medical & sharps removal as the expert on all things biohazard waste disposal. We hire and train only the best, individuals who can speak knowledgeably about the medical and biohazardous waste guidelines set out by the South Carolina Department Of Health & Environmental Control.

In South Carolina our team is standing by to customize a biohazard waste disposal program that suits your individual needs. When you work with Secure Waste to dispose of medical waste, biohazard, sharps waste, expired or used pharmaceuticals or anything in between if it's healthcare waste, our clients rest assured that Secure Waste will-

  • Appropriately characterize waste and identify hazardous materials using hazardous waste determinations and profiles
  • Collect and segregate RCRA Hazardous materials into approved RCRA Hazardous Containers using profiles
  • Collect and segregate non-hazardous materials into approved shipping containers using profiles
  • Prepare shipping materials to be placed in appropriate DOT shipping containers using profiles
  • Transport & incinerate RCRA Hazardous as well as non-hazardous materials only to permitted facilities
  • Execute with an unwavering level of compliance with DOT regulations for transportation & final processing

Secure Waste, Inc. is committed in developing a personalized relationship with each of its South Carolina healthcarel waste disposal clients. From the first phone call, to collection all the way to transportation and ultimately: incineration, we ensure that the highest standards of care and compliance are attended to and the chain of custody is preserved throughout the operation.


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